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A cell is infected for only one period or iteration, and then has to be reinfected to be sick again. If you first draw a red ball, then replace it and replace a black ball by a red one. In the original model, there were an equal number of black and red balls in an urn. Thus one can directly compare different mutation rates.

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The iteration counter internal to Excel runs in the lower left corner. Below that, the infection dies out in enough iterations.

Do not touch the keyboard or click mouse until the iterations stop even if the life forms stabilize or vanish otherwise see instructions above under "Iteration Counters".

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A cell cannot infect itself so the only contagion can come from its neighbors. Above that a certain portion of the population keeps reinfecting each other.

Batter’s Up Baseball Math Addition

There is an initially random population of a fixed number of members 6 in this case that evolve using selection, mutation, and crossover. Everywhere else is a wasteland of "broke" neighborhoods as you see above. But with higher mutation probabilities, one sees too much disorder so lower scores are obtained.

There are two Math stuff produced by combining the string to the left of randomly chosen crossover point on one parent with the string to right of the crossover point on the other parent.

The boundary conditions are that the cells outside the boundary are not infected. In the beginning i. This is done by double-clicking on the Index cell the cell below the label and hitting Enter, one resets the Index value to 1. There are two offspring produced by combining the string to the left of randomly chosen crossover point on one parent with the string to right of the crossover point on the other parent.

Indeed the "two" parents could be the same string cloning. Eventually the red or black balls will dominate and drive out the others. This is the simplest type of genetic algorithm after the fashion of John Holland see his book Hidden Order.

Right-click on the name and choose "Save Target As?John Baez's Stuff I'm a mathematical physicist. I work at the math department at U. C. Riverside in California, and also at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore.

I'm working on network theory, information theory, and the Azimuth Project, which is a way for scientists, engineers and mathematicians to do something about the global ecological crisis.

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