The factors driving the rise in health care spending in america as compared to other consumer spendi

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Unaddressed social factors of health, such as economic stability and education, can impact utilization patterns and care decisions. So basically the rebalancing brought upon by starving the beast is nothing more than a cash grab by the more powerful more influential over those less so.

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The long-term goal is to decrease spending, but in the short term, more access points can increase utilization.

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5 Factors That Influence Healthcare Spending Growth

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Until the s and possibly beyondviolence and intimidation in the South were part of a Southern st-xr-ialstructure built on racism and exploitation.Consumer-driven health care has dominated the recent cost containment debate. However, nearly two-thirds of the rise in health care spending is linked to a rise in treated disease prevalence (for example, diabetes) and innovations in medical treatment.

Although the United States spends significantly more per person on healthcare than other industrialized nations, our health outcomes are no better – and often worse.

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The factors driving the rise in health care spending in america as compared to other consumer spendi
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